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Concord Farms is a multi-generation family farm that has spent decades developing and creating practical and sustainable practices that benefit both our communities and the environment.

Concord Farms Oil Recycling was created as an effort to help lower production costs and to recycle and a reuse a product that is used on our farm as a feed additive.



We are heavily invested in agriculture and poultry production, both necessary industries in the food chain supply. With a focus on Antibiotic Free production, we have aimed to bring innovation to our farm and our practices so we can continue bringing healthy and affordable products to market.
With Antibiotic Free poultry we can’t use animal byproducts in our feed (such as tallow) so we rely heavily on Vegetable oil as an energy additive for our feed. Other products such as soy and canola are used but both are very cost prohibitive and can only be used in smaller amounts.
We collect and process used vegetable oil so that we can use it in our chicken and turkey feed, and being able to use recycled oil allows us to drastically cut down on the amount of oil we need to purchase, which benefits us all as it’s a commodity that is increasingly more expensive and in growing demand in the food industry as more and more restaurants are leaving animal-based oils behind.

Summer Farm


What You Can Do:


If you are interested in working with us, we can develop a plan that makes it easy and convenient for your used vegetable oil to be picked up on either a weekly or by-weekly basis. We have invested in a custom vacuum truck that allows us great flexibility and work with a great variety of systems.
By choosing to work with us you are contributing to help sustain what has become a struggling industry; with current world events the farming sector has been impacted beyond anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.  Any effort to help maintain affordable prices and allowing farmers to keep putting food on everybody’s tables is beneficial to this generation and the next.

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